Shawn Mitchell

Senior Pastor

Shawn Mitchell is the Founding and Senior Pastor of New Venture Christian Fellowship and Schools in Oceanside, California, a dynamic church which he began with his wife and five others in 1989. More >

Roger VanDerWerken

Pastor of Discipleship

Roger grew up on a farm in Mohawk Indian country in upstate New York. In the years following High School, he lived for a year in the Netherlands as a Rotary Exchange student…More >

James Schrader

Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts

“How can I say thanks for all the things You have done for me? Things so undeserved yet You gave to prove Your love for me.” They say there are two important dates in one’s life… More >

Thom Fleming

Pastor of Church Ministries

I began attending New Venture Christian Fellowship in the early 90’s. As the Word of God was spoken through Pastor Shawn it just seemed like someone was reading my mail. Since that very first service… More >

Peter Kennedy

Pastor of Small Groups

I grew up in Portland, Connecticut where I regularly attended an Episcopal Church. I joined the choir and later became an acolyte (altar) boy. After high school, I went to… More >

Johnny Martinez

Pastor of Community Outreach/Men’s Ministry

Words cannot express the joy that my wife Bonney and I are experiencing right now! We are honored to be part of New Venture Family. More >

Tony Hook

Young Adult Pastor
Online Pastor

I was born and raised in a loving home in Kalamazoo, Michigan. While I was taught basic morals, I was never introduced to the giver of these morals, so I essentially had a non-Christian upbringing. After graduating… More >

Craig Olson

Pastor of Youth Ministries

I am an Orange County boy-born and raised-and grew up in a Christian home with a family who loved God and loved each other. I was at church for every youth event and service, both mid-week and Sunday. But when I … More >

Írineo Torres

Pastor of Spanish Ministry/Facilities

Hello, my name is Írineo Torres. I am married to my wife Elvia Torres, with 4 daughters I consider gifts from God: Anita, Daisy, Areli and Gisella. I want to say… More >

Lurdes “Lulu” Reynoso

Facilities Worker

I like to live every day as it was my last, making every moment count. I have three beautiful children, a very energetic granddaughter, and a husband that God has blessed me with. More >

Maya Brewer


I have been blessed with 5 beautiful children. Watching them grow and leading them to the Lord has been a great joy. Becoming part of the New Venture family has also been a great blessing. More >

Natalie Walker

Administrative Office Assistant

I moved to San Diego County in the summer of 2012. I lived in Northern VA, just outside of DC for most of my life. Before I became the receptionist here… More >

Lisa Borrego

Executive Preschool Director

I am from San Diego and also lived in the Northwest for 9 years. My husband and I have been Church Planting and pastoring for over twenty years of our marriage. More >

Jessica Dorn

Preschool Director

Hi!!! I am a Mid-West girl at heart, born and raised in Michigan with 3 older brothers and a sister. I also have a 2 year old crazy kitty named Winston. I decided one year after graduation to come to California (my mom decided to tag along) in 2008, fell in love and… More >

Amy Bartlett

Director of Arts & Advisory Management

I was blessed to join New Venture as the church’s first Director of Communications. I have enjoyed growing in that position through the years, contributing to the development of new ministry under… More >

Rick Dowling

Graphics Associate and Print Production Coordinator

Everyday I thank the Lord for the miracle of His bringing me to New Venture. It is a privilege and a joy to be serving God with the New Venture family. Pastor Shawn is an inspiration and all of my co-workers here are sensational. More >

Taylor Petrich

Taylor Petrich

Graphic Artist

God is awesome. Seeing His mark on humanity has left me full of awe, especially His mark on my life. I would beMore >

Charles Vaughn

Video Producer

My family and I have been immensely blessed with being placed here by God at New Venture Christian Fellowship. My walk with God has mostly been one of ‘self’ till I met my lovely wife Ruth and she introduced me to… More >

Scott Moore

Media Director/Sound Engineer

Media production is fascinating to me, especially when it all comes together and can actually have an impact on someone’s life.​ More >

Dennis Estill


I am constantly amazed at how God opens doors of opportunity and is able to use all things for good. Being a part of New Venture and having an opportunity to work with the amazing people on the staff is further proof that… More >