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Elementary (Kindergarten – 6th Grade) …

We offer a traditional 10 month school program, after-school programs and quality extended daycare and summer programs.

kids-at-laptopsWe believe that God created each child uniquely with their own learning style and abilities. We believe that it is our job as educators to partner with parents in the rearing of their children, providing spiritual, academic, emotional, social, and physical guidance as they participate in our school program.  It is the goal of our teachers to meet the individual needs of each student in their class, and this is achieved through the implementation of our ICE (Individualized Christian Education) program. Our highly trained, credentialed teachers seek to identify how each student in their class learns and implements teaching strategies to meet those specific learning styles and needs.

Our curriculum is biblically-based and teachers utilize brain-based teaching strategies throughout their lessons. Teachers regularly attend ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) training as well as on and off-site training to keep up-to-date with education research and methods.

In addition to our regular academic program, we also offer a variety of other co-curricular classes, events and opportunities to enhance our community of learning:

- Chapel
- Community Outreach
- Leadership Development
- Technology in Classrooms
- STEM activities
- Science Fair (K-6th)
- Music Enrichment
- Venture Dance Crew
- Art Show (K-6th)
- P.E. for K-6th
- President’s Physical Fitness Program (K-6th)
- Field Trips

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