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New Venture Christian School: Preschool (Nursery & Toddler Program)…

Nursery & Toddler Program
Our goal is to help the children with independence, self-help skills and to foster their social development. Through interactions with caring adults children will gain skills that will last a lifetime.

As a developmental preschool we consider play to be the most important job a child has. Through Play children experience the world around them.

Components of our Infant and Toddler programs:

Provide a nurturing, loving safe environment
– View each child as a unique individual, with different learning styles and levels of ability
– Encourage Christian nurture through weekly Chapel time, daily prayer, Bible stories and the celebration of Christian holidays
– Help children to learn and experience the world as a place God has created for them
– Foster the development of language skills
– Encourage each child to develop independence
– Encourage each child to develop self-help skills
– Encourage each child to develop cooperative social skills
– Help children to develop problem solving skills
– Provide opportunities for children to learn about themselves
– Provide opportunities for children to play by themselves, next to another child or with one or two other children
– Provide large amounts of time for children to choose and participate in a variety of experience that are designed to enhance a child’s social, emotional, intellectual physical and spiritual development
– Provide plenty of materials and opportunities that encourage a child to explore and learn about their environment, to exercise their natural curiosity
– Encourage language development through literature, music, conversation, and dictation

Age Specific Programs
– Nursery and Toddler Program
– Three-Year-Old Program (Click Here)
– Four-Year-Old Program (Click Here)

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