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New Venture Christian School: Preschool (Four Year Old Program)…

Four Year Old Program
As a developmental preschool we consider play to be the most important job a child has. Through play children will experience the world around them. Our class rooms are designed to encourage exploration, social develop and pre-kindergarten skills.

Components of our Four-Year-Old Program:

– Each child is viewed as a unique individual, with differing learning styles and levels of ability
– Provide a nurturing, loving, and safe environment
– Christian nurture is encouraged through Chapel time each week, daily prayer, stories and the celebration of Christian holidays
– Help children to learn and experience the world as a place God has created for them
– Encourage each child to develop independence
– Help children develop social skills such as cooperative problem solving, helping and negotiation
– The environment is designed to encourage exploration and interaction with other children, adults and learning materials
– Children are allowed to select many of their own activities, which may include dramatic play, blocks, science, math, puzzles, art, tactile and manipulative activities
– Opportunities are provided which develop basic skills that are meaningful to children such as how reading and writing are useful, opportunities for dictation, sign making, name recognition, writing, letter and number recognition
– Opportunities are provided to develop phonetic awareness, sounds, rhyming, and word games
– Activities are provided to develop language and literacy: Listening and reading stories and poems, seeing the printed word in use, participating in dramatic play, informal conversations, experimenting with writing, drawing and coping
– Opportunities are provided for children to develop and understanding about themselves, others and the world around them
– Provide time both indoors and outdoors for children to explore and experience their large motor development
– Provide materials and opportunities for children to develop their fine motor skills

Age Specific Programs
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– Four-Year-Old Program

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