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Experiencing Life Together

Small Groups constitute the heart and soul of New Venture’s ministry (see Romans 16:5 / 1 Corinthians 16:19 / Colossians 4:15 / Philemon 1:2). Our Small Groups are divided into three categories:

  • Home Groups

    • Home Groups meet 7 days a week in homes throughout San Diego’s North County
  • Affinity Groups

    • Affinity Groups bring together people with common interests. (Skateboarders, surfers, dancers, and lovers of football are a few good examples of possible Affinity Groups.)
  • Service Groups

    • Service Groups facilitate ministry at the New Venture campus, working to fulfill our God-given mission.

Want to get Involved?

You can also search our Small Groups database to quickly find the group that’s right for you

About Small Groups

    Each Small Group meets for an eleven week period, following the same format:

  • Singing
  • Supplication (prayer)
  • Sharing
  • Study — using the small group questions printed in each week’s program as a guide.
  • Social
  • Service – The 11th week is a service project designed to bless our local community.

Our Vision at New Venture is “Helping People Find Christ and Live Life to Its Fullest.” For this to happen we seek to build fully committed followers of Jesus by involving everyone in a Small Group. As part of the 24/7 challenge, please consider opening your home for eleven weeks in 2018 as a locale for a new Small Group. Please consider leading a new Small Group (it is actually more like “facilitating,” and we will provide the necessary training). If you are unable to host or lead, we trust that you will join one of the existing Small Groups listed below.

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