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Salvation in Jesus Christ includes a call to ministry. Every believer is created and gifted to minister to the less fortunate. This Helping Hands ministry is designed to reach our community and help meet those needs that are needed throughout our region. The Helping Hands Ministry will work hand in hand with Community Service Organizations who will provide us with individuals and families who could use a “Helping Hand.” As “gleaners of the fields” we hope to meet the basic needs of those in need and give them hope of the Gospel spiritually. Jesus gave us instruction about giving to the needy in Matthew 6:1-4.

The Helping Hands will be the engine that New Venture will use to place Partners into action and service in the four areas of ministry that fall under the Helping Hands umbrella.

1. Needs Ministry – helping those in the community who have physical needs like lawns needing mowed, washing cars, rides to doctors appointments are just an few examples of this ministry.

2. Sock it to Me – a team of Partners who go out into the community each month and minister to the homeless with love and hope of Jesus. Then bless them with a pair of socks and a bite to eat. Meets the 4th Saturday of every month.

3. C.A.R.E. Ministry – a team of Partners who reach out to at-risk youth in our community. They organize exciting quarterly events here at New Venture and bless them with a day of fun, games, and food along with a great message.

4. Outreacher’s Ministry – ministry is designed to provide days of service to the City of Oceanside, Vista, and San Marcos. Anything from beach clean-ups, restoration projects, and anywhere there is a big need for man/woman power.

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